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Dean Harrison – Training With Heart!

Have you had that moment yet? You know, when you get hit by that life defining bolt of perception, that blinding flash of the obvious, when you realise your life isn’t turning out how you expected and you are the only one that can change it.

Dean Harrison had his blinding flash of obvious in his early thirties. He was broke, living in his parents garage and had 37 jobs under his belt. Enough was enough! He swore life was going to be different and he gave himself 90 days to get it done.

All You Need…

…to turn any aspect of your life around is 90 days consistent focused effort. You can change your health, your relationships, your income…your life. Take action, apply the right set of expectations and make your life work the way you want it to!

~ Dean Harrison.

By making small changes and focusing on the thing he did well, which at the time was telephone sales, Dean gradually pulled his life together. He made a wish list, surrounded himself with successful people he could learn from and went to workshops and lectures to study as much as he could.

Deano’s inspirers include Jim RohnAllan Pease and Zig Zigler. But it’s not about just reading the books, but putting what you learn into practice, and now his life represents the summation of all the ‘good bits’ of those that have influenced him.

Deano has been selling since 1982, and was not always successful doing so! He’s been doing radio sales since 1994 where he’s been successfully selling radio advertising, a notoriously difficult field to sell in. His unique philosophy and attitude has rocketed him into the top 1% of sales income earners in New Zealand. It’s not just the money, but by getting out of his comfort zone and learning sales, he’s now in a market that he’s extremely passionate about and is able to teach others these valuable skills as well.

Deano now travels around New Zealand and Australia as a keynote speaker and sales coach. Forget boring lectures… Deano holds his audiences rapt with stories of luck, lotto and lots of laughs.

A Man Of Many Talents!

New Zealand has some of the best trout fishing in the world, you just have to know where to find them. That’s why you need someone like Deano Harrison as your guide. For Deano, going fishing is all about the adventure and the experience. Booking your trip with New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventures guarantees you the ultimate trout fishing experience.

Pictured are Paul Snyder, USA and Deano. (thats a haircut or two ago for Deano now.. he probably has hair again now, or not!)

New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventures offers you:

  • Guided river and lake fishing adventures
  • Trips within Canterbury and the South Island of New Zealand
  • Time on unfished rivers full of fat trout
  • All tackle can be supplied if requested. ‘State of the art’ sage rods are standard equipment
  • Accommodation, Transport, Meals, Gear – let Deano sort it all for you!

It takes time and patience to spot the big fish but the adventure of looking makes every moment worth it.

Dean Harrison | Fly Fishing New Zealand

Dean Harrison | Fly Fishing New Zealand

My Mission…

…is to give you the best darn trip possible, fabulous fishing, stunning scenery, memories to last a lifetime… and a strong desire to come back and do it all again…with me!

Tight lines! – Deano Harrison.

It’s the simple things in life that sometimes count for the most!

A visit to the child cancer ward at Christchurch hospital to drop in his play station to the son of a mate, left Deano deeply touched and just a little emotionally shattered by the children he met in the ward. Deano thought long and hard about how he could do something to make a difference for 13 kids in hospital over Christmas.

Years of jibes about his ponytail gave Deano the inspiration to start the funrazor™, with $100 of Deano’s own money as the starting point Deano’s good mate Richard Sinke of the Dux de Lux was first of many to match the pledge if Deano shaved his head. Eleven days and $27,000 later, the ‘Close Shave’ was born.

Now known as funrazor this has become a nationwide (and Antarctic!) event – setting a new Guinness World Record. To date, Deano has helped raise over NZ$2million for the Child Cancer Foundation through funrazor.

Make sure you check out their website, to see how YOU can be involved this year!



The Koru Care Christchurch Charitable Trust was launched in 1982 for children with illnesses and/or disabilities to enjoy a holiday they would never forget. Up to 24 children aged 8-15 accompanied by caregivers and medical staff go each year for a two week action packed holiday of a lifetime to major US theme parks. The fundraising covers airfares, accommodation, caregivers, medical team, all meals and entry to all attractions.

The annual trip requires a huge amount of ongoing fundraising and one of the year’s main charity events is the Koru Care Christchurch Charity Auction. The event includes entertainment, a meal, a huge silent auction with over 300 items, and a big ticket auction of over 50 items! All items are donated by local businesses and include everything from carwashes, sports memorabilia, art, gift baskets or ‘experiential’ packages – like lunch with Winston Peters at Bellamys in Wellington! If you have an item or experience to donate, click here to visit the Koru Care website for information on how to do so.

Deano was the main force behind starting the auction in 2006. The success of the event was due in part to their enthusiasm and energy which has seen the auction double in size each year. To date they have helped raise over one million dollars for Koru Care Christchurch through this event.

Koru Care Christchurch | Deano Harrison korucare2

It’s all for the kids!

“The auction started from such a simple idea, what could we do to raise money for these kids? As soon as we thought about an auction, every time we met someone, they offered us something to auction. The event began to have an energy of its own and everyone wanted to be part of it.”

~ Dean Harrison

Dean has worked with both of the major radio companies in New Zealand (Mediaworks, and The Radio Network) and can offer the best advice for you, your business and your budget. Currently specialising in sales for the Mediaworks brands New Zealand wide, including their interactive/online proposition Deano can help you get the inside track with this great medium – give him a call to get your radio advertising sorted!

Having a successful business means making sure you market your goods or services to the right people, with the right repitition and frequency of message.

Getting your marketing right is  important, and radio is a vital part of that mix.

Dean Harrison has been working in radio sales for over 14 years and is one of the top achievers in his field. If you are interested in advertising your business over the radio, click here to contact Deano.

There is some key information you need to know about radio advertising:

  • You need to know what you are buying. Don’t just buy the first product that comes along.
  • Remember the old adage.. if it looks too good to be true.. it probably is! Understand what you are buying.. don’t just grab the ‘deals’
  • Understand what your expectations are and know what you want  your advertising to achieve.
  • What do you want from your radio or online ad? Creating a ‘brand’ will be totally different type of campaign to a fire-sale where ‘everything has to go’.

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