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Have you had one of those moments? Deano calls it “A Blinding Flash Of The Obvious”: That realisation that what you need is either right in front of you, or right inside you. Dean Harrison’s training workshops and seminars deliver what you need to hear right now to force change and reach new heights. Get your moment with Deano today!

Your business is unique, with it’s own set of challenges, a competitive market and hectic schedule… right?

Bring in Deano’s innate ability to see into a business, understand it, and bring a tailor made presentation to your team.

What’s important to understand is Deano’s outlook on “Sales”. Everything is Sales! And Sales is Everything! When you boil it all down we’re all selling, all day, all of the time, to everyone. That means that, although Deano’s philosophy comes from a sales background, the principles can be applied to all aspects of life, business and success in general.

The fundamentals of good sales is the same everywhere, it can be taught and learned AND moulded to your business model, product and team. Shop front, on the road, tele-sales, or just good old-fashioned customer service… sales has a part to play, and Deano’s unique story can change attitudes, work-ethics and momentum overnight.

Check out Deano’s testimonials page to get a handle on what other’s have experienced by being a part of one of his presentations.

Dean Harrison | Business Training with Attitude and Fun

If you’re not looking for a full seminar, but more for something that packs a punch, Deano’s Open Workshops are the ticket. They’re perfect for sales people, teams and small business owners who want to inspire their staff.

Packed full of humour, anecdotes and tales, the Open Workshops provide a fresh perspective and outlook on ‘what success means’ and what impact it has on work and personal life. Deano pinpoints the aspects of selling that work, from his perspective and wealth of experience.

Never ‘giving up’ and working with a positive expectation are two core components of the training at this workshop. If you or your team have had a challenge with developing new business or prospecting for new business, then you’ll be interested in hearing how Deano built one of the biggest radio lists in the country and how those principals apply to anyone in any business, not just sales.

The Open Workshop is perfect for you to come and experience first hand why everyone is so excited and inspired when they leave these sessions.

  • Two Australian companies have Deano come in every six months to run the exact same training module each time. This reminds previous participants of what they learned last time, and gives them the chance to absorb the information at a deeper level…and this gives new employees a chance to tune in to the work ethic and attitude that Deano shares so well.
  • New Zealand’s top real estate companies use Deano on a regular basis.
  • Deano loves the hard lessons that 20 years in the direct sales industry has taught him.
  • Deano keeps on working at More FM as a commission only sales person.

Each participant receives their own workbook to take away from the session…and as many good ideas as they can handle!

This is an information-packed evening that will give you the tools and confidence to make the calls and get the deal done!

These are usually held in Christchurch, but it only takes five people for Deano to consider a workshop in your region.

(Morning and weekend sessions available by request to suit all calendars/ diaries).

Dean Harrison Open Sales Workshops

Life, it’s all about sales. Whether you are a small retail store with just a few staff or a large multinational chain with a crew of thousands, how your staff perform impacts on the bottom line of your business.

Do your staff have the skills to make the most of the opportunities that land on their counter or desk?

If you are looking for a training programme in retailing that works, Contact Deano today.

Deano can show your staff how to:

  • Make strong, positive customer relationships
  • Understand the importance of customer service
  • Exceed expectations with only a small attitude change

Deano offers results-driven training, either onsite or at a conference venue for groups from five to more than 100. These powerful, interactive workshops will empower your staff and give them the tools and tricks of the trade to become master sales people.

During the course you will discover the keys to effective retail including:

  • The importance of the meet and greet
  • How to establish customers needs
  • Offering solutions and overcoming objections
  • How to close the sale
  • The importance of add-on sales
  • Why you should follow-up

Retail Sales Training workshops can either be half-day or full-day sessions, depending on your needs.  Contact Deano today to discuss how he can best tailor a programme for you.

Dean Harrison Retail Sales Training

Dean Harrison was scared stiff of talking to people ‘face to face’ and couldn’t hold eye contact or confidently ‘pitch’ the radio product when he started in radio advertising sales. But as he needed to earn a living… Deano got good at selling over the phone!

It’s funny, but that fear and inability to sell in person was the making of Deano as a salesperson.  To make money to pay the rent, he watched, listened, practiced and got into it.  Deano was lucky to have some good people around him who knew how to sell over the phone, and even though he wasn’t the ‘best’ straight away, learning some simple concepts and the power of a well delivered script gave him sales, and some success on his first day.

Deano started to make a living and over a few months worked on his technique. Studying people like Allan Pease on tapes and at seminars helped him ‘master the phone’.  Deano also made sure to surround himself with great role models so he had people around him to watch and learn from.  As Jim Rohn says… “Success leaves clues!!”

After a year or two companies around New Zealand started asking Deano to come and talk to their reps, and to help them design telemarketing campaigns that would work. That was the beginning of Momentum Training.

The phone is the same in every game. It’s a tool that needs to be utilised to its maximum, and doing that is simple.  Not easy, but simple!

In Deano’s best personal sales campaign selling radio over the phone, he sold 54 radio advertising packages at $595 each (yes, that’s 54 x $595!).  Most of these were to ‘cold prospects’ many of whom are still customers today.

Deano has taught people across a range of industry sectors including: real estate, car sales, financial services, insurance, media companies and direct sales companies. He has shown them how to prospect, approach and get people to buy over the phone.

If you sell on the phone, or use the phone as a major component in your daily business, let Dean share with you the things that have worked for him. Script making and package/deal overviews are also part of Deano’s telephone training sessions. If it’s a hot script, even the worst salesperson on the worst day will sell deals! Deano can help you prepare these in addition to the standard Phone Selling package.

Deano Harrison | Sales Training | Success Keynote Speaker

What makes a great Keynote speaker? Someone who understands the audience, talks their language and is engaging. Someone real with a real story to tell. Someone like Deano!

Out of the growing demand to hold training courses and seminars, Deano was approached more and more to speak at functions.  At first he was terrified, but Deano has since discovered he thrives on the opportunity to inspire others by sharing the stories and life lessons from his past.

Deano’s presentations receive great feedback because each is:

  • Tailored to reflect the message/ theme you have underlying your event.
  • Full of real stories of real life experiences and lessons, including many where the person laughing loudest at his mistakes is Deano himself.
  • Full of ‘blinding flashes of obvious’ that never fail to inspire.
  • Full of tips and ideas  to bringing good fortune and luck into their lives.
  • And most importantly, each is woven with the very Deano magic that helped him become one of the top income earners and sales professionals in the NZ radio industry.


Deano (Extractor of promises and Creator of chaos) has now helped in raising over $3 million NZD in funds for charity. Working in an ongoing capacity with both Child Cancer Foundation and Koru Care in Christchurch.

Hear how a visit to hospital to deliver a Playstation to a young mate at Christmas, prompted Deano to take on the role of Master Promise Extractor and Creator of Chaos for what has become New Zealand’s fastest growing fundraising event for The Child Cancer Foundation ‘funrazor’ ™.

The success of this also led to the founding of Koru Care, Christchurch’s Charity Auction which has in only 6 short years become the city’s leading charity event.

Contact Deano today to talk about your upcoming event, and how Deano can add a little spice.

Dean Harrison | Sales Training Seminars

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